Live Online SAFe training


Really enjoyed helping Matt Hosking deliver LiveOnline Leading SAFe training via Agil8's new Virtual Training Centre. Had an enjoyable couple(-ish) of days working with a great trainer and some really engaging participants, delivering Leading SAFe remotely. Probably not the first to do it but certainly among the forerunners. 

Remote training will never beat face-to-face in most circumstances but when faced with a challenge Inspect and Adapt.

Above, you can see one of the participant teams planning the iterations for their next program increment. The features are listed underneath as the team's objectives for the PI and there is space for risks next to them. The team have placed a variety of post-its on the board as reminders of things to do. It's a simple simulation of how it works in real life that makes a very effective teaching tool.

We also have a centralised Program Board where we can view the PI as a whole


Program Board


Necitas et mater inventum :)





Tags: PI Planning, SAFe, scaled agile, planning, remote rtaining, online training, training from the back of the web
Date: Wednesday, April 8, 2020