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Pontypridd must be just about the strangest town in the universe. Apparently, there are houses there with a very strange geometry, so strange that some of them may even be only possile in a multi-dimensional parallel quantum universe.

The proof for this is simple. Whenever you meet someone from Pontypridd, mention Tom Jones, the famous singer. You will immediately get a response along the lines of, "I (or my mum/dad grandmother/grandfather) used to live next door to him (or his mum/dad, etc, etc)"

This has led many to believe that PontyPridd consists of a couple of many-sided houses belonging to the Jones clan in the middle of the town with all the other domiciles arranged in a circle around them. Obviously, the number of houses next to these necessary to support the many claims of next-dooredness cannot be satified in the three dimensions of normal space, so we may have to imagine the town exists only partly in normal space and partly in that multi-dimensional parallel quantum universe we mentioned earlier. All I can say to the Ordnance Survey team and the town planners is, "Good luck with that one!"

This brings me onto XP and I am talking about eXtreme Programming, not the Windows operating system. The reason I mention it is because, as a member of many online agile discussion groups, I often meet (in an online sense) people that claim 'I was one of the first people to practice XP in the UK' or 'I was a member of the first XP team in the UK.'

Curious, isn't it? Did XP really break out in such a multitude of places in the UK simultaneously? Or was there one gi-normous XP team that everyone was a member of?

My guess is that when XP first arrived in the UK, there were maybe one or two teams practising it in this universe but obviously an infinite number of others being the first to practise it elsewhere in the multi-verse.

Now I'm wondering if it's the recent breakthroughs in quantum computing that has let all these parallel pioneers slip into our universe and if there is any way of getting them to go back?

Tags: Agile Software Development,tom jones, pontypridd,quantum computing
Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2013