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Today I almost decided to become a founder. Not because I've found anything, most of the stuff I come across seems to have already been there. Even if I had found something, I'd be a finder then, wouldn't I? 

Founder does seem to be the latest thing to have on your CV and LinkedIn profile, though, and I didn't want to miss out, so I thought I'd add it to my profile like everyone else seems to have recently.

According to the dictionary, the noun founder can mean a person who starts or establishes something. For a moment I considered labelling myself as the founder of PlanWorking Ltd, my PSC, but I remembered I only started it to comply with a customer's requirements and so the customer should really take the credit for it.  

the founder hard at work

Then I looked the word up in the dictionary again and found (sic) some other definitions:

  • Founder: noun, a person who manufactures articles of cast metal; the owner or operator of a foundry
  • Founder: verb, to fill with water and sink, or to fail
  • Founder: verb, to fail or be unsuccessful, because of problems


Well, I'm most definitely not the owner, or operator, of a foundry, so I can't use that as a reason for calling myself a founder.


"In recent years her career has been foundering. The deal foundered on price. Teaching computers to read and write founders on the element of human unpredictability."


So now when I see someone labelled as a Founder, I wonder to myself which definition of the word is most applicable.

Tags: founders, fashion, crazes, CV, linkedin
Date: Wednesday, September 18, 2019